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Premium “Cool” Gel Memory Foam & Transitional Support Layers
When it comes to your comfort, discover our ultra-plush 13-inch mattress. The thick layers of memory foam conform to your body, delivering amazing support, pressure relief, and comfort. The memory foam layers are paired with a transitional layer to a supportive, thick layer of firm foam, which helps reduce motion transfer, providing undisturbed sleep to you and your partner. Experience luxurious sleep with our beautiful super soft premium knit cover.
2”/ 2.8 lbs. Premium Cool Gel Memory Foam
2” / 3 lbs. Premium Ventilated Foam
2” / 1.56 lbs. Transition Poly Foam
7”/ 1.75 lbs. HD Support Foam
Top Panel Premium Knit 390 gsm
$699 -- 53% Margin
$799 -- 59% Margin
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