• Customatic Technologies. We're obsessed with innovation.

A Simple Way to a Better Night’s Sleep

Customatic Technologies® designs and manufactures unique custom sleep products for the bedding industry. Built on the belief that sleeping well should not be a luxury, but a necessity, our products embody the future of sleep, providing unparalleled comfort and support for Life-changing Sleep . . . rejuvenating the modern lifestyle.


Unlike most other suppliers of adjustable beds, we have traveled the world to uncover and develop new innovations.

Better Sleep

Provide relief for people who suffer from: sleep deprivation, stress & tension, muscle fatigue, body & back pain, poor circulation & mild sleep apnea.

Wide Selection

We offer a wide range of adjustable sleep systems and other innovative products for any individual need.

Product Features

Adjustable sleep systems need to offer exceptional features, performance & style. It is for these unique reasons that we are far superior to any other adjustable sleep system today.
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