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13" Hybrid Mattress
“AirPure” Ventilated Silver Memory Foam
“ActivClean” Charcoal Memory Foam
Body Support System
The Haven Hybrid is the ultimate blend of luxurious comfort and individual support. Features include our Cool Care cover, an advanced wellness fabric, that pulls excess heat away from your body producing a cooling sensation with clean antimicrobial protection. AirPure silver memory foam and ActivClean charcoal memory foam. Each has advanced pressure relief, TempSense Technology, and Therapeutic benefits. Our Body Support System delivers unprecedented 3D support. Surface support eliminates motion transfer reducing partner disturbance, body support with 672 Iso coil density that provide individual support for each region of your body, and lastly Edge support from our Ever Edge system. Enduring comfort is the “like new” feel our mattresses provide night after night.
2” AirPure Ventilated Silver Memory Foam
2” ActivClean Charcoal Memory Foam
7” Wrapped Pocketed Coils
2” Transition & Base Foam
Body Support System, Surface | Body | Edge
Cool Care Fabric Antimicrobial
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