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snore sense

With integrated Intelligence designed to keep your snoring partner effortlessly quiet.
This bed is so smart, it senses when someone is snoring and automatically adjusts up. Like a little nudge to keep them quiet.
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Active Snore Response
Plus Full Function Sleep Tracker

Biometric sensing ribbon placed on the mattress and underneath the sheet and mattress protector

Measures heart rate, respiratory rate & body movement real time

Using biometric algorithm and works in conjunction with adjustable base to alleviate snoring

Actively response in 4-degree increments (4, 8, 12, 8, 4) rather than a one-time movement to anti-snore preset

Comes with app that allows sleep and snore tracking, also sleep quality data that is logged each night

The sensor ribbon is Wifi connected so that the biometric data can be monitored remotely in real time. This is very useful in elderly or caregiver scenarios

Biometric sensing ribbon can be easily placed on one side of a queen or king mattress for single usage, or for dual usage, one on each side

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