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The dreamTemp Mattress

Subtle Warmth and Cooling with 
Personalized Temperature Regulation.
DREAM Different!
A unique heating and heat extraction cooling system that can adjust temperature creating the perfect sleep environment for the Ultimate in Personal Climate Comfort -- All at the touch of a button.

Side-by-Side Dual Temperature Zones
Customizable Temperature Settings

-- Wifi App allowing customer the ability to have the bed begin heating/cooling at set times
-- Separate Cooling Fans expels hot air out mattress border on each side of queen and king base (low, medium, high)
-- Torso & Foot Heating Zones on TXL / per side on queen and king base / low, medium, high setting on each zone.
• 1” Ventilated Memory Air Foam
• 3” Ventilated Memory Foam
• Air Support Mesh Layer
• 7” Support Poly Base Foam
• 80% Polyester 20% Cooling Nylon
• Remote with one touch memory setting
• 30, or 60 minute timer can be set separately for each side
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