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The dynamic

UPSable Adjustable Comfort System
Platform and Pedestal Friendly
Thick Border / Solid Wood Decking
We’ve upgraded our most popular base by increasing our border
thickness significantly to 3 inches while still maintaining all UPS shipping
requirements. The Dynamic is packed with Premium Features including
Independent Head and Leg Lift functions, USB, Massage, Underbed Lighting, 3-in-1 Adjustable Legs and all remotely controlled wirelessly. The “Clam Shell” design is easy to ship and simple to assemble.
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Main Features

UPS Shipping

Conveniently ships small parcel directly to your door.

zero clearance

Platform & Pedestal bed friendly.

Head Up

Adjust your upper body to the perfect position.

Foot Up

Independently adjust your lower body to your personal comfort preference.

3 in 1 adjustable legs

wireless remote

A hand control that allows wireless operation of your adjustable base features.
*Horizontally Split

additional premium features

single body massage

Variable speeds & styles to reduce stress & tension.

dual USB (1 per side)

With built in USB outlets on each side of the base you can keep your devices fully charged.

underbed LED lighting

Navigate safely in & out of bed with the LED night light feature

Wireless Remote with Flashlight

With preset buttons.
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