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Premium Specialty Features

Zen Mode

Immerse yourself in total relaxation through sounds and songs from your personal play list, that bring you into your Zen Mode

Actuator Driven Head Tilt

Our Head Tilt feature adjusts the upper body panel to contour to your neck & shoulders for greater support

SnoreSense Sleep Tracker

The only base on the market that continuously provides multiple movements throughout the night to alleviate snoring. Includes app that allows for sleep and snore tracking, and sleep quality data that is logged each night

VibraSense® Massage

Our 4 Independent Interactive Sound pods combined with massage technology creates sound waves to move vibrations from the base through the mattress

Lumbar Support

Provides up to 6” of extra support to your lower back for ultimate relaxation

Zero Clearance

Designed to be placed on top of platform or pedestal bed

USB Charging Ports

USB-A and USB-C charging ports to keep your electronics charged all night

wireless remote

A hand control that allows wireless operation of your adjustable base features
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